We officiallly started construction Tuesday, March 21st!  
We're working at the Duwamish Shipyard on the west bank of the river.  Besides loaning us the barge, the guys at the shipyard have given us some major help. They've made this project way easier than we ever thought it would be, and we can't thank them enough for it!
Friday, March 31
Today the barge took  its maiden voyage up the river to where it will be moored for the month of April, courtesy of Western Towboat. Here it is at the beginning of the day, dwarfed by its Shipyard neighbors.

Like a movie star in the dressing room, getting ready for the big scene...

Western Towboat tugged the boarge upriver and moored it into position in a graceful ballet of large floating objects, pilings, lots of rope...

And death-defying acrobatics!
Wednesday, March 22
Today we loaded all the plants on the barge - it is starting to look like we imagined it would. Here's what the barge looked like close to the beginning of the day.

We started the day by staging all the plants for moving onto the barge. Milt, the forklift driver, moves a load of plants to the staging area.

The plants staged on pallets for craning onto the barge.

David, the crane operator, lifts the pallets up....we loved the sight of trees flying thru the air on their way to the barge.

Mark, the rigger, directs the load as it comes down onto the barge thru an elaborate system of hand  signals.

The load arrives on the barge deck. We take off the rigging and the  crane goes back up for the next load. Unload plants, repeat twelve times or so.  By the time it's quitting time at the shipyard (3:30), we are beat!

The barge, looking slightly more full after lunch (we were too, after some serious mexican food). Nicole and Bill Pease adjust a cedar in the rain.

People are starting to wonder what we're doing. This tug stopped by on its way downriver to see what was up. There goes the neighborhood.

Bill Pease and our lovely vine maple in the left foreground as the curious tug pulls away.

Can you spot Nicole in this picture? Hint: She's hiding in the forest. The yellow hard hat gives it away.

Tuesday, March 21
We officially started construction today with some good news - our beach logs (aka Large Woody Debris, or LWD) had been delivered early. George Blomberg at the Port of Seattle offered them up for the project, and we loved the idea. The bulk of the day was spent craning the beach logs and the big vine maple (now safely planted in a big wooden box) onto the barge.

We didn't get any action shots here because there were actually two video cameras filming the drama, and because we were busy "supervising."  This picture is of Nicole in classic supervisor's pose, selecting LWD with George Blomberg. 

Saturday, March 18
We spent the day salvaging THREE TRUCKLOADS of evergeeens, ferns and a huge vine maple from a soon-to-be- suburb on the Eastside. For those of you who may wonder, that is officially a boatload - we hope.

Our salvage crew, in front of the 'Living Truck' (L-R): Nicole, Enrique, Sarah, Rob, Lisa, Michael (in front). Not pictured:  Jesus, Kara and Sara. A huge shout out to everyone who helped us dig and haul!

Nicole and Sarah in front of the day's prize find - a lovely vine maple. It looked small in the forest, but turned out to be around 20 feet tall!  
Luckily, John at the shipyard was able to find a big wooden box that we used as a planter for the vine maple.  Nicole and Michael hold it in place as the rest of the crew fills up the planter with dirt.
Our little forest at the Shipyard is growing!

Nicole and Sarah breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the day.

Wednesday, March 15
We are starting to sweat.  Everything besides the cedars looks like sticks in pots!  Shit. Through a fortunate series of frantic emails we line up a salvage excursion.
Monday, March 13
Nicole and her beau John B pick up some tall cedars.

Saturday, March 11
We went with my man Rob in the  ReStore truck "Possum" to get a few loads of plants (shown here thru Possom's windshield).  First stop - MsK Nursery, where Deborah hooks us up with a beautiful load of Indian Plum. These lovely little plants can be seen all over the city on hillsides and greenbelts.

Friday, March 3
Nicole and John make a trip to St**b**ks to pick up burlap bags. The plants will be kept on pots while on the barge and covered with burlap so soil won't go in the water when it rains.